• 08-JUL-2020

  • Zurich Airport

SWISS teams up with Berufsschule Bülach on the training front

SWISS Training aircraft engineers

SWISS has embarked on a collaboration with the Berufsschule Bülach for the training of its aircraft engineers. The team-up offers sizeable synergic benefits, particularly for the SWISS trainees, including shorter and more efficient theoretical training.

Thirty young women and men will begin their SWISS Technics apprenticeships to become aircraft engineers this summer. And just as their course begins, SWISS will embark on a new collaboration with the Berufsschule Bülach (Bülach Vocational School). The team-up will bring greater efficiency to the SWISS apprentices’ training, with numerous modules in mathematics, physics, electrical engineering and electronics now taught at the Bülach school. The tuition will be in German and English throughout.

“I see a lot of positives in this new collaboration,” says Stephan Regli, Head of Maintenance at SWISS. “By integrating several of our SWISS training modules into the Berufsschule curriculum, we can now give our apprentices more days of practical training, which is of vital importance in the licence-earning process. The new set-up will also eliminate some duplications that we currently have in the tuition that’s offered at the school and in our own in-house training.”

As a result of demographic trends within its workforce, SWISS will see a substantial increase in its requirement for aircraft engineers in the next few years. This makes the company’s strong commitment to apprentice training all the more vital: no such training opportunities are offered anywhere else in Switzerland.